Dec, 2015

Make your company a desirable workplace

Effective Employee Branding Rejuvenates Workplace

Attend live and interactive webinar on

The webinar will focus on:

  • What is employee branding?
  • Why is it necessary and how it helps in all areas of HR?
  • Innovative ways of employee branding?
Nov, 2015

To blog or not to blog...

Attend an informative webinar on

The Importance of Blogging

  • How blogging can elevate your personal brand?
  • How HR professional can leverage from blogging?
  • Tips and platforms for blogging
Oct, 2015

Key analytic for workforce planning and talent acquisition

Implement an effective talent acquisition strategy for the business

Sep, 2015

Candidate Experience: Ideology and Application

  • Analogy between customer experience and candidate experience 
  • How emotions and interactions affect experience and decisions
  • How candidate experience connects to your company brand
  • Optimize you candidate experience process and strategy
Sep, 2015

Diversity Talent Acquisition - The Foundation

Challenges in identifying the right diverse talent for your organization?

Aug, 2015

Unravel the power of LinkedIn

If you want to communicate to a B2B audience and business professionals then LinkedIn with its 150 million members is a good place to play. LinkedIn is the professional social media platform. Are you using  it to maximize results. Here are 39 LinkedIn business tactics to improve

Jul, 2015

Make India the powerhouse of Talent

Why global organizations need to integrate the best from the East and West?

What as India's eternal Leadership strengths and how to reclaim them?

Jun, 2015

Irrefutable social recruiting

It's hard  to build a world-class corporate recruiting function without a irrefutable Law  related to the basic Recruiting Paradigm.

Apr, 2015

Unlock the potential of Gen Y at the workplace

It's hard to build a world-class corporate recruiting  function without a  irrefutable laws related to the basic recruitment paradigm.