Video Interviewing

Easy to use video platform that allows candidates to respond with pre-recorded responses or live interviews anytime from any device.

  • Save time & expense in hiring candidates to reduce the onboarding timeframe.
  • Easily send out invitations to schedule and coordinate interview times with candidate sand hiring team members.
  • Review & share candidate video interviews with all decision makers securely and confidentially.
  • Collect all interview feedback in a centralized candidate folder online.
  • Consistency and objectivity ensured for all applicants with structured interview scripts – every candidate experiences the same questions in the same order and presentation.
  • Initial video responses save travel expense and inconvenience.
  • Candidates can express their unique personality and skills the same as an in-person interview.
  • Companies leveraging the latest interviewing technology have a better chance of hiring the right candidates quickly.
Easy to use video platform for Video interview