Social Media Integration

Find highly qualified passive candidates through LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter.

Social networks play a significant role for recruiters, which let them search, connect and track the possible recruits from different social and professional networking tools. Social recruiting helps in increasing the quality and quantity of the candidates with the help of referrals. Social media integration is one of the dynamic feature of our talent acuisition platform which gives recruiters a smart tool to find apt and suitable candidates through their social graph.

  • Easily share open jobs on corporate and personal social media accounts to reach the highest exposure with the passive and active candidate pool.
  • Automatic scheduling & frequency of your Job Postings to selected Social Networks. Postings can be easily adjusted throughout the life of the campaign.
  • Monitor successful candidate sourcing from your Social Media networks candidates with realtime reports. Then consistently leverage that network for similar open positions in the future.
  • Passive Candidates are never actively searching for new career opportunities. Find them using the fastest growing and most influential sources available today.
Social hiring of qualified passive candidates through LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter.