Talent Acquisition Platform

  • Whether you are a corporate firm or recruitment consultancy, Talentrackr™ can help you make smarter hiring decisions while reducing time to hire. Integration with social media and career portals allows recruiters to directly engage with candidates and find the best talent. An industry-leading high performance resume parser helps you create & manage your candidate resumes in a centralized database with an advanced search engine. With a convenient mobile video interview platform and test/assessment module, recruiters can quickly and efficiently qualify, select and hire candidates while significantly reducing recruitment expenses.

  • Leveraging our in-depth data analytics, your firm will be able to streamline and optimize your talent acquisition strategies to ensure you identify the best available candidates before your competitors.

    As one of the most cost-effective recruitment automation platforms available today, your ability to reduce costs while hiring the best available talent ensures your company’s future success!

    Our mission is to provide an affordable solution that delivers the highest level of efficiency, productivity and quality of hire.


Resume Parser Resume Parser

Build your candidate database with a single click from Job Boards, LinkedIn & Outlook. Talentrackr's Resume Parser is fully integrated with leading job boards including Naukri, Monster, TimesJobs, LinkedIn, Dice & CareerBuilder. Resume parsing helps recruiters to efficiently arrange and manage the CV/resume received online in a more structured information format for storing, manipulating and fast retrieval.


  • Instantly build structured candidate database from all resume documents.
  • Parses resumes in every file format including Word, PDF, RTF and more.
  • Integrated with LinkedIn, Outlook & Gmail.
  • Manage your internal resume database with an advanced high performance search.
  • Eliminates tedious and inconsistent data entry.
  • Add matching candidates to the requirement pipeline with a single keystroke.
  • Automatically detects and flags duplicate resumes.
Talent Trackr's Resume Parser is fully integrated with leading job boards.
Easy to use video platform for Video interview

Video Interviewing Video Interviewing

Easy to use video platform that allows candidates to respond with pre-recorded responses or live interviews anytime from any device.

  • Save time & expense in hiring candidates to reduce the onboarding timeframe.
  • Easily send out invitations to schedule and coordinate interview times with candidate sand hiring team members.
  • Review & share candidate video interviews with all decision makers securely and confidentially.
  • Collect all interview feedback in a centralized candidate folder online.
  • Consistency and objectivity ensured for all applicants with structured interview scripts – every candidate experiences the same questions in the same order and presentation.
  • Initial video responses save travel expense and inconvenience.
  • Candidates can express their unique personality and skills the same as an in-person interview.
  • Companies leveraging the latest interviewing technology have a better chance of hiring the right candidates quickly.

Anytime, Anywhere Accessibility Anytime, Anywhere Accessibility

Candidates, Recruiters & Executives can access Talentrackr™ from any device around the globe instantly.

  • Candidates can apply to jobs using mobile devices.
  • Easy to manage recruiters and candidate status from any global location.
  • Share information with resource managers and recruiters from a single solution.
  • Comprehensive Dashboard real time view of all the activities of recruiters, candidates and resource managers.
  • Instant access to a centralized resume database from any web browser around the world.
Access Talentrackr™ from any device around the globe instantly.
Realtime dynamic graphical reports of your talent acquisition process

Realtime Analytics Realtime Analytics

Dive into your data with dynamic graphical reports to spot trends & increase the efficiency of your talent acquisition process.

  • Customized dashboard merges all recruitment data into a single presentation for real-time decision-making guidance for talent acquisition programs. 
  • Identify the most effective social media channels for sourcing specific candidate roles.
  • Discover and understand what your talent acquisition data truly means and how to optimize in real-time.
  • Make data-based decisions for your organization to find the right candidate profiles and communicate the most effective company branded message.
  • Optimize the success of your employment campaign, job listings, and social network postings.

Social Recruiting Social Media Integration

Find highly qualified passive candidates through LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter.

Social networks play a significant role for recruiters, which let them search, connect and track the possible recruits from different social and professional networking tools. Social recruiting helps in increasing the quality and quantity of the candidates with the help of referrals. Social media integration is one of the dynamic feature of our talent acuisition platform which gives recruiters a smart tool to find apt and suitable candidates through their social graph.

  • Easily share open jobs on corporate and personal social media accounts to reach the highest exposure with the passive and active candidate pool.
  • Automatic scheduling & frequency of your Job Postings to selected Social Networks. Postings can be easily adjusted throughout the life of the campaign.
  • Monitor successful candidate sourcing from your Social Media networks candidates with realtime reports. Then consistently leverage that network for similar open positions in the future.
  • Passive Candidates are never actively searching for new career opportunities. Find them using the fastest growing and most influential sources available today.
Social hiring of qualified passive candidates through LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter.
Assess the candidate's expertise prior to making your hiring decision.

Candidate Test Assessments Candidate Screening & Testing

Qualify & rank candidates by ensuring they have the required expertise prior to making your hiring decision.

  • Shorten time for new hire productivity by testing required knowledge and skills prior to final job offer.
  • Easily create pre-employment customized tests and assessments using your own questions based upon job requirements.
  • Flexible question and answer formats including multiple choice, fill-in-the blank, essay, video response, and open-ended.
  • Tests can be completed at the candidate’s convenience and be set for a fixed amount of time to complete.
  • Customized Company branding so candidate receives unified communications from your company.
  • Saves recruitment time and expense by providing easy to administer tests for your talent acquisition team.

Applicant Tracking System Applicant Tracking System

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is software application designed to streamline a recruitment process. An ATS software is very similar to a CRM (Client Relationship Management) software, but with circumstantial features for recruitment automation.

Through an outlined workflow, ATS software equips an organization in data mining for recruitment as well as maintains an incessant flow of communication with the candidates. With a set of assorted tools, an ATS can wield many different processes related to the hiring procedure in a smooth manner. It organizes, stores, tracks, and monitors the candidates throughout the hiring process in an organization.

From posting a job opening to fetching resumes from various online portals, an applicant tracking system acts as a powerful resource that cuts down the recruitment costs and time. With the implementation of an ATS in your organization, you can have a centralized location to manage the entire hiring process with improved efficiency.

Maintain a centralized database of profiles & resumes, requirements, interviews, and notes.

Talentrackr™ - Applicant Tracking System (ATS) tracks candidates in every part of the hiring process. (ATS) simplifies the resume screening process, searching them by keywords based on skills, experience, location and many other criterias. It helps in organizing candidate information and make the recruitment efforts robust and save valueable time.
Some of the key features of Talentrackr™ Applicant Tracking System (ATS) are :

  • Simplifies decision-making process by pre-qualifying candidates according to skills, education and experience criteria with automatic ranking scores.
  • Tracks candidates / consultants throughout all on-going stages of the hiring process until onboarding.
  • Create and send custom Offer Letter templates to candidates within seconds. Track the status of offer acceptance from a single location.
  • Maintains a real-time centralized database for candidates, requirements and interview notes.
  • Search resume database by skill keywords, location, availability, and many other fields using Boolean operators.
  • File recruiter feedback and track communication with candidates in a single online file.
  • Email Interview invitations to the candidate and team members simultaneously.
  • Send resumes, arrange interviews & store feedback for each candidate contact.
  • Attach unlimited candidate documents as required during the hiring process.
  • Integrates with your Careers page for posting live openings. Candidates can search positions and apply directly from your website.
  • Create & share custom groupings of candidates based on position, geographic location, or any other criteria.
  • Automatic mail notifications and alerts keep recruiters instantly aware of new open position requirements.
  • Lowers the time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, and improves the quality of each hire.
ATS - Applicant Tracking System
Manage candidate submissions from recruitment consultancy vendors

Vendor Management Vendor Management

Manage candidate submissions from recruitment consultancy vendors & measure their performance.

  • Manage candidate profiles submitted by third-party vendors.
  • Track vendor contracts, recruitment contacts, and associated documentation.
  • Easily monitor duplicate resume conflicts immediately upon submission by third-party vendors.
  • Measure the effectiveness & vendor success based on candidate hiring with real-time reporting.

Employee Referral Portal Employee Referral Portal

Hire qualified candidates faster & cheaper leveraging your most valuable resource – your employees!

  • Company-branded portal enables employees to quickly refer candidates in a professional & easy process.
  • Recruiters can track the candidates referred by internal employees and provide timely updates.
  • Reduce vendor expense and dependency with an effective employee referral program.
  • Company-branded portal enables employees to quickly refer candidates in a professional & easy process.
  • Recruiters can track the candidates referred by internal employees and provide timely updates.
  • Manage and track employee reward compensation based upon successful candidate referral hiring.
  • Reduce vendor expense and dependency with an effective employee referral program.
Employee Referral Portal - enables employees to quickly refer candidates in a professional & easy process.