Are you sick of the drawn-out hiring process and high recruitment lump sum? Are you looking for a smarter alternative to employing the best lot available in the job pool? If your answer to any of these was affirmative, you must know that you’re already very late. About 75% companies have antecedently found a solution to this.

Before diving into the solution, why not ruminate over some more problems that you face with recruitment?
Has your team ever missed a brilliant prospect because you couldn’t find his contact information at the right time?
How many people declined to join your company because they accepted some other job offer?
Are you sure you have access to the primo candidates available for the job position?
Do you have a threshold on all the platforms where your prospective employees may hang out?
What’s your ROI on the complete recruitment process?

If the answer to these questions made you feel sulky about your company’s performance, you NEED a solution.
You require handing over the reins to an automated system that has a much wider approach to the job pool than the combined outcome of your entire HR team.
You require an error-free and efficient system that can keep all the potential candidates in the loop until you’re finally ready to let them go.
You require a centrally organized system that can perform the initial screening task on behalf of the expensive manpower.
You need an Application Tracking System(ATS).

While the basics of this kind of system are well known at present, there are some important things companies miss when looking for such an alternative for the daunting task. If you want to hire the bull's eye, read on!

1. When is the right time to switch to an ATS?
Application Tracking System is no magic solution to bring down the cost you spend on talent acquisition to a big fat zero. It can, however, significantly lower the expenditure and resource consumption for this process.
If your employees are still working with the outdated methods of using spreadsheets and emails to track applicant information or if you’re getting worried about the hefty advertisement bills or if your HR team is still busy reviewing the resumes while you read this article, you must switch to an Application Tracking System without any delay.

2. What are the must-have features in an ATS?

Though all the software vendors seem to be braggarts, they do provide different benefits and functionalities through their application tracking systems. You must focus on three core areas that include job posting management, Applicant management, and reporting.
The ATS with these features can automatically advertise the job postings on a variety of job boards, pre-screen the candidates by their resume, schedule interviews, follow up, report position & applicant metrics and track the applicant status. While obviously not trying to lay down the law, we recommend you to look for industry-specific features as well.

3. What cost do you need to bear in for satisfactory return on investment?

To ensure high return on investment, you must be quick with the installation process. As soon as the application tracking system starts running, you’re up for profits. The cost depends on the size of your organization, the number of locations and positions you hire for on a regular basis and the installation fees the vendor charges.
The ROI is highly affected by implementation and user adoption. If you’re able to find a vendor who is very efficient, you can expect the system to be running without any flaws in the first go.
The only challenge that would stay would be to make your HR team get used to of using this software. Once it’s in place, you can start hiring in a hassle-free way and expect a more than satisfactory return.

4. Who is the owner of the candidate information? Your company or the service vendor?

If you have already thought of this question before reading this, congratulations for due diligence. This simple question has been a reason for some lawsuits. If you want to spare yourself from dealing with the lawsuits, you must inquire of this before buying an application tracking system.
You must insist on being the owner of the candidate data and the reports generated by the system.

While an option as good as ATS might not sound to be that risk-free and easy, it is. In fact, it gets better if you get hold of an amazing vendor. Talentrackr™ - Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which is an Enterprise Level ATS solution which tracks candidates in every part of the hiring process.
When such a magical solution is already available, why not just grab it right now?