Vendors are an integral part of talent acquisition process. They are one of the important source companies consider to meet their talent acquisition requirements. Most of the companies associate with various vendors to ensure that there is no missed opportunity when it comes to hiring the best talent. To optimize your business talent needs; managing, administrating and building relationships with vendors is imperative.

However, to efficiently manage the vendors, Recruitment Automation Software plays an important role. Measuring vendor performance, quality of candidate submission and timely closers are important factors automation software can track. The benefits recruitment automation software brings while managing vendors is relatively significant in terms of return of investment (ROI)


Easy to create and publish job requisition

A job requisition once created is sent through multiple sources from where the recruiter expects prospective candidate to apply. The Recruitment Automation Software easily manages job requisition sent to vendors. At times there are certain openings which are given only to selected vendors and the software allows publishing requisition only to selected vendors.
Once the job requisition is published, vendors get notification through the system. Recruiters can save tremendous time which otherwise they would do to send job requisitions to individual vendors and follow up with them.

Manage profile submission

A recruiter’s inbox is loaded with hundreds of resumes they received through various vendors, direct applicants and referrals. Manually managing, vetting and storing relevant resumes could be tedious. With recruitment automation software, vendors can login in directly into the system and submit profiles. These profiles are then added to the database and the duplicate resumes are automatically detected.  

Measure vendor performance

Almost everything is of no value if you are unable to measure the effectiveness and overall performance. The same applies to vendor management. Measuring performance of vendors in terms of quality of candidates’ submitted, responsiveness towards a requisition and closer are the factors that recruitment automation software tracks and generates real-time reports.

Overall through vendor management is a smaller section when it comes to overall recruitment process. However, managing and measuring their performance is highly important from a business prospective.

Talentrackr™ software understands the small integral requirements of the hiring process and is build by the recruiter for the recruiters to optimize talent acquisition requirements.

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