It’s no more about filling the vacant positions. It’s about building a new recruitment mindset, building your talent brand. A well established talent brand can attract the cream talent much easier than ever. Employees are willing to join companies where they would brag about its growth, culture and experience it brings to them socially.  

So what is talent brand?

Talent brand crafts your company’s talent acquisition practices, its effectiveness and consistency of communication with its employees and potential candidates. A strong talent brand attracts the best talent who seek out to work with your organization. It is the experience an employee or prospective candidate get, think, feel and speak about the company as a place to work. 

Who is responsible for developing talent brand?

Every individual who is a part of the talent acquisition process is responsible towards making the big impact.  It’s no more “talent acquisition war” it’s “talent rapport building”. It’s time for recruiters to break the cocoon and take a deep dive to ensure you are consciously building your talent brand. 

Benefits of a strong talent brand.

  1. A strong talent brand compliments your company’s brand image. It is associated with human element; company’s most important asset, its employees both existing and prospective. The experience it gives them from joining the company through their overall journey in terms of work-life balance, career advancement opportunities and motivation goes a long way. 

  2. As candidates seek out to join employee oriented company, a well established talent brand is associated with low cost per hire.

  3. A strong talent brand is engaging and hence helps to increase response rate of the candidates. It enhances communication between a recruiter and prospective candidate.

  4. Companies who have put their hearts in developing talent brand get lucky to attract more applicants to the open positions 

  5. A strong talent brand gives a competitive edge over competitors to attract and hire the best available talent.

  6. As people follow the company on various social network platforms, a company with a strong talent brand is much likely to attract the best passive candidates.

  7. Social hiring becomes an integral part of a company with strong talent brand. A vacancy posted on social network is likely to receive twice the response than a traditional search on various job portals.

  8. Company with strong talent brand requires minimal effort to retain employees. The employee oriented culture, strong work life balance and other benefits ensures that employees stay for longer tenure with high motivation.