The job market is changing. Employer-employee relationships have become more dynamic and transparent. Having great careers no more mean being a workaholic. People are taking the entrepreneur route. They are building their own careers and those who continue to work look for work-social life balance. Candidates carefully evaluate and analysis their prospective employers. Getting the best of the talent in the company has become challenging and here recruiters play the most vital role. Recruiters are the key resource who mines, screens, and brings the best candidate across the table. Their approach can take candidates through a good or bad experience. Thus it becomes important for an organization to hire the best recruiter who builds professional experiences with prospective candidates.

Select your recruiter carefully. So here are some must have traits in a recruiter.

Best recruiters are good analyzers

Best recruiters analyze their candidate before picking up a call and asking the obvious questions which are mentioned in their profiles. They study the candidate resumes and check their social profiles. They first validate candidates’ updated profile and then move on to other questions. 

Best recruiters are good listeners

Listening skills should come naturally to a recruiter. Recruiters must ask questions and patiently listen to candidate answers. They should not interrupt or cut-off in the mid sentence. They should listen carefully and evaluate the information for passing it on to their hiring managers. This builds hiring managers trust in the recruiters and gives them an edge while interviewing the candidate. 

Best recruiters keep candidates updated 

Recruiters are loaded with multiple requirements to be filled in a given time. However, as a practice a recruiter should keep their candidates updated on all the phases of the recruitment process. This gives candidates clarity and they would consider connecting with the recruiter if the process delays or if they have another offer in hand. The relationship that is build during the process ensures that the best candidate is well connected to the recruiter and the best talent is selected for the position.

Best recruiters are good guides

By merely scheduling an interview doesn’t completes recruiter’s profile. Good recruiters ensures that the candidate gets all the information about the company, answers their queries and guide them with company location map so that they reach the interview venue hassle free. Showing empathy towards a candidate makes them feel that they will be a part of a company that cares for them. 

Best recruiters build relationships 

Recruiters are the connecting dots between the hiring managers and candidates. They thrive to maintain a balance and trustworthy relationship with both.