Top 5 Hiring trends every company should consider

The gears have shifted. Welcome to the candidate driven market. The time has gone when employees were scared at the workplace. A lot of rehearsal was required to ask for a leave, coming late or leaving office early. Asking for a hike, promotion, challenging projects were just out of questions. There was a time when employers had options to select from multiple candidates wanting to join the organization.

The time has changed. Now candidates have taken the driver’s seat. They have multiple options with tough competition to hire the best candidate. With the changing time and dynamic job market, hiring needs an active approach.

Managing generation gap

As baby boomers are approaching their retirement and Gen X is moving to the top positions, Gen Y-ers will be majorly dominating the workplace. Companies, who want to keep the best talent hooked up, need to gear up and start thinking creatively to attract, manage and retain the Gen Y-ers. This generation is more demanding, willing to take up challenging assignments and looking for social life balance. As companies are working strategies to keep Gen Y-ers motivated, they soon need to plan for Gen X who will soon join the workforce. The Gen X is now ready to be trained as interns and managing them with Gen X and Gen Y has become important. 

The entrepreneurial opportunities

Employees today are seeking challenges and the regular 9-5 job is a complete no-no. The freedom of choice, wanting to do something different, the need to be recognized is thriving hard. Being an entrepreneur has become exciting and people are willing to leave their jobs to set up their own business. To retain these entrepreneurial breed companies need to craft policies that encourages their innovations and see how best their ideas will benefit the organization in the long run.

Employer brand

Company reputation and brand have become important to attract the best talent. Candidates want to be associated with companies whose brand values and culture matches their attitudes. Thus, every organization should significantly consider building and showcasing their brand value.

Social Media Presence

In the world where one post instantly gets over hundreds of likes, social media presence just cannot be an ignored. Companies must have a powerful social presence to reach out to the candidates. Social hiring has become a norm these days. Companies need to obsolete their traditional job portal screening, interview scheduling, multiple interview rounds and lack of communication. They need to be proactive and quick allowing candidates stay in touch with interview status, company’s updates and overall brand value on social media platform.

Mobile communication

Mobile phones have become a powerful device of instant communication. Recruiters should now get handy with this device to communicate with candidates. Messaging out the interview schedule, sending quick interview updates, offer letters, etc. can now happen using this powerful device. The device can also be leveraged to set up video interview and for other communication.