Employee referral programs are considers impactful as they establish higher retention rates and increase employee engagement. This allows sinking in like-minded people to form a better workplace environment and can do a wonders for your business.

Firstly, the talent acquisition team must consider employees as their significant resources who can recommend the best fit talent for the organization. What is important here is communicating to the employees the difference they make by referring the right candidates. This doesn’t happen overnight, the talent acquisition team need to constantly work towards building the employee referral culture within the organization.

Best practices an organization must consider while building employee referral culture

Ignite the workplace with employee referral programs. Make it the big thing. A proactive branding around the program will certainly involve enthusiastic employees to refer the best talent. When I say branding, it means to do a lot with internal communications both online and offline. Have posters around the workplace signifying the difference an employee makes to the organization by referring the right talent. 

Timely Communication, acknowledge the reference received by the employees, keep them informed. By this I don’t mean that keep them posted on hiring process, but a mere thank you acknowledgement note will go a long way. 

Give feedback. The whole objective of giving so much importance to employee referral programs is to get an opportunity to find good candidates. What’s important here is the quality and not the quantity of referrals. Emphasis on referring quality candidates for the positions, this will save a lot of your time in screening the irrelevant candidates.

Reward, the most important element to keep employees hooked to employee referral programs. Referral rewards majorly depends on the company polices. Make reward an experience for the employee. A financial benefit may or may not be a part of your reward. Reward employees with premium hotel lunch coupons, a weekend stay at the selected resorts, online shopping gift vouchers, etc.

Rewards can also be given to employees who have referred good quality candidates but have not been selected. This will encourage the culture of referring the quality talent. 
Go social. The world is going social, people are bragging about experiences, and this is the right time share employees experience on social platform. This will showcase the company culture to the outside world as you reward the employees and they talk about the company in return. A win-win situation to all the three parties involved. Get snippets on the hiring experiences the referred candidate experienced. 

And finally, get the right talent acquisition software to track the employee referral programs. Ensure the software is user friendly and simple to refer candidates and recruiters to communicate and manage the profiles, rewards and compensations. 
Talentrackr employee referral portal gives a professional experience to the employees and talent acquisition team. It efficiently manages your internal communications, referral profiles and rewards and compensation.

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