A whooping number of companies are actively present on social networks to engage with their employees, customers, prospects and to build an aura around their brand.
Is your company one of those who wants to leverage social network as a hiring tool? Here are some of the tips to go for.

# Know the social presence of your candidates
Understand the position of the job opening. If you are looking for someone junior to middle level these set of people are likely to be active on FACEBOOK or Twitter. Consider LinkedIn network for more someone with more experience and for top management level. This bifurcation of profile will surely help you reach out to your target talent.

# Social Reference Check
A simple yet an effective tip to consider. Visit shortlisted candidate’s social profiles and get broad glimpses of their network and lifestyle. Evaluate candidate’s cultural fit and engagement with the company and thus improving retention rates. 

# Apply the KISS theory
KISS - Keep it Short and Simple. Reach out to your prospective candidates with crisp and to the point messages. Use catchy headline to attract attention. Do not use jargons or lengthy text.

# Increase Engagement
Leverage social network to get connected to you prospects. Blend your messages to showcase your company’s culture, updates, new launches, expansion and other news. Position yourself as an expert in the field. All these messages will send out a positive image about your company. These subtle messages will increase the chances of candidates joining your company. 

# Out of sight is out of mind 
Last be not the least, out of sight is out of mind. Social media presence is strength as long as you are active and engaged with your community. The moment you stop communicating you are out of the game. 

Happy Social Recruiting!