Setting up an interview is a two-way approach. As you screen and shortlist candidate’s profile, candidates too screen your job posting. An attractive job posting is more likely to draw more quality candidates than a traditional one.

Job Posting Do’s:

Get creative

Every job positing comes with a standard format or pattern. Set yourself apart from your competitors. Create an appealing job posting with the candidate in mind. It is important to understand what the candidate want. this will draw more candidates applying for your position.

Craft unique job descriptions

Craft unique job descriptions to seek candidate’s attention. Candidates go through job description to understand about the position before applying. Clearly mention the purpose of the role, required skills and experience, reporting lines and responsibilities. Mention working hours and days. The objective of job posting is to give a complete position and expectation clarity.

Simple job titles

Avoid use of unnecessary adjectives in job title. This will not attract the right talent, rather it will create more confusion. Use simple and realistic job titles.

Simplify your application process

Make it easy for the candidate to apply for the position. Time is important for both you and your prospective candidate. Avoid lengthy application form. Capture only required data through forms other details are available in their resume.