What is good recruitment software?

Good recruitment software is defiantly the one that meets your talent acquisition needs and make it easier to find and hire the best talent efficiently. Basically, on-boarding the best-fit talent is the key drivers toward the company’s success. Recruitment software plays a vital role to connect the dots of candidate’s skills and experience with best fit–talent for the companies. This combination is the crux of winning recruitment war. Selecting the right recruitment software will improve overall recruitment experience, clarity in communication with candidates and hiring managers.

So what to expect from talent acquisition software? 

One must consider the need before choosing talent acquisition software. The need could be anything; it could be get off your manual and hassle hiring process to more organized one or the need to hire targeted number of people in a timeframe. A clear understanding of need can make it easy to evaluate talent acquisition software

Here are some must have features to consider from talent acquisition software:

Resume Parsing

Talent acquisition software must have a fully integrated resume parsing tool that blends with outlook, major job portals and professional social media network such as LinkedIn. Resume parser simplifies recruiter’s hassle by parsing resume from every format into a standard format. This feature automatically detects and eliminates duplicate entry.

Access information anytime, anywhere

This is an important feature for companies with diverse locations. The feature allows sharing information with recruiters and hiring managers in one centralized system. This ensures effective communication and avoids ambiguity. 

Applicant Tracking System 

Applicant tracking system tracks candidates throughout the hiring process. ATS reduces time-to-hire and improves quality of each hire. The feature simplifies the screening process as it searches resumes by keywords based on skills, experience, location and many other fields using Boolean. It maintains records of candidate by storing resumes, documents, interview feedback, offer letter, etc. This reduces ambiguity and anyone from anywhere can get the status of candidates with just one click.

Vendor Management System

Vendor management system allows to effectively managing third party vendors and their activities. The system ensures that duplicate resumes are eliminated from the process and makes the talent acquisition process robust.

Employee referral portal

Companies encourage employee reference and to do it more efficiently talent acquisition software should enable employees to refer candidates in a streamlined way. This help to track candidates referred by internal employees. 

Customized and real time reports

Generating reports is a task to recruiters as different people need to know different information. Extrapolating and collating data in form reports and sending them becomes time consuming and tedious. Real time reports make it easy to customized reports and export them to Excel, Word and PDF format. It saves recruiters time so that they can concentrate on much productive activities, sourcing the best-fit talent.